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Combining the Art & Science of Human Performance​
Karen is a DEIB powerhouse, leveraging decades of hands-on experience to shape thought leadership for top-tier professionals and organizations. With a front-row seat to the evolution of DEIB practices, she masterfully bridges time-tested wisdom with cutting-edge strategies. Dive into her publications (links below) for a deeper look into her groundbreaking insights.​

From startups to global giants, Karen's consulted a diverse array of organizations. She's an expert at decoding unique DEIB challenges, tailoring strategies that hit home. This dynamism, amplified by her extensive professional network, ensures she's always at the forefront of DEIB best practices.​

But here's the clincher: Karen doesn't just spotlight issues – she serves up actionable solutions. Fusing research with practical know-how, she equips clients to not just comprehend DEIB's essence but to enact transformative change.​